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Who we are

NSI Laser is an innovative company dedicated to laser micromachining. We develop unique equipment and recipes for our clients’ applications. Whether for prototyping or mass production, we provide standard and customized laser systems which operate with high speed and precision. Our systems can include a single laser head or a combination of laser heads with different laser sources. Our team of experts have experience in the consumer goods, semiconductor, solar, medical, aerospace, and auto industry. We build our systems using only state-of-the-art components and are proudly made in the USA.

Laser Technology

NSI covers a wide range with both UV and CO2 laser processing solutions. In combination with a large working area (32"x28"), our systems offer laser micromachining for drilling through-holes, blind holes, via, etching, scribing, and routing.

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Process Development

We are laser system integrators that specialize in process development for various micro machining processes that includes but is not limited to: drilling, routing, and etching. The process starts with close collaboration with clients from the beginning to end. We help clients who need laser expertise to develop or improve a laser process.

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Service and Support

Nationwide service and support. Our technical support provides full calibration and preventative maintenance services.

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